FEBRUARY 13 - APRIL 19, 2009

“Silent Spaces” is a three-person show featuring works by local artists Rika Hawes, Daniel Oliva and Elysa Voshell. The work in the show reflects the act of quiet observation: it is the product of a perspective that is softened—muted—by a distance of time and of space.

Each piece captures the stillness of a single moment and, simultaneously, the movement and flow of the passage of time. Rika Hawes’s glass works tell a hushed story of a whirling and bubbling liquid that is no more: though it is now frozen and motionless, its mesmerizing contours bear witness to its dynamic past. Elysa Voshell uses fanciful migratory patterns—phenomena marked by vitality and perpetuity—to counter the cold and finite emptiness of extinction. Daniel Oliva discovers a tranquil view of a busy and ever-moving world by viewing it from faraway outer space: the artificial lights that demonstrate human industry and activity now appear as serene and natural as stars.

The “Silent Spaces” of the show draw us into a contemplative meditation: not seeking to distract us with the minutiae of chaos, they convey instead a calm grandeur, a humble stateliness, a sense of something greater than ourselves.

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